What We Do


We specialize in many industries. Some of which include: Custom Machine Fabrication Structural Extruded Aluminum Industrial Control Systems Industrial Equipment Industrial supplies. We are also a dealer for A&I Products and Pix Belting, and a OEM for Schneider Electric. Here are some examples of the many things we have done in the past.  This is only a small sample of what we do, and does not represent everything that we can do.

Pumpjack Controller


Our Challenge Just like people, natural gas wells have their own unique characteristics. Even within the same gas field, some wells are super-producers, while others consistently produce a low volume of gas. and similar to people, wells change on a daily basis depending on environmental factors. In a way, the well is a natural, living thing, and utilizing a one-size-fits-all method to natural gas production will not yield the best results. A customized approach was the premise for the automated pumpjack solution we created. we began developing an automated solution for a de-watering application that would help our customers gain efficiency in extraction, service and maintenance, while also giving them the ability to watch and control the sites remotely. We were looking for a smarter approach than the timer box and a contactor that is common in the industry. Instead of having the pump “on” or “off” for a predetermined time, … Continue reading